Dark Twitter

Thoughts | Gabbi Gard

These days anyone who has an actual life is on Instagram or Snapchat and can’t be bothered with Twitter. This leaves the weirdos, lads, and genuine dredges of society alone on the platform, making obscure jokes in under 140 characters.


There is no possible way to describe the humour of dark Twitter, other than to say it is very topical (jokes will become irrelevant in 3 days) and very obscure. It is grounded by a few accounts that really keep things intense (e.g. @dril). It will also pick random celebrities to focus on, or even more often, random people. Ever wonder where the ‘You Know I Have to Do It to Em’ kid came from? In this current moment, dark Twitter is dominated by SoundCloud rappers. The stars vary in interest and reach, but right now, Lil Pump is an icon for his obsession with Miranda Cosgrove. This is the kind of shit dark Twitter loves–some random rapper who is obsessed with a random, nearly irrelevant celebrity.


Since I can’t fully explain to you what exactly it is, I'm going to give you a few examples. Enjoy these curated picks!

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